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Hydrotherapy Pool

The Pool

We have a large 6.5m x 4m pool which is key to allowing relaxed natural behaviour and movement. The pool is easily accessible as it is at ground level and entered via a gradual sloping ramp.

The pool is equipped with a large resting platform which allows us to position your dog comfortably during the session and enables us to provide massage and proprioceptively enriched aquatic manual therapies.

Our pool is heated to 30°C to provide optimum temperature for muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

Water sanitation is tested by ourselves at least three times a day to ensure optimum hygiene and clarity.  A water sample is also sent to an external lab once a month to test for any bacteria.

Showering & Drying

We have a separate drying area with bath or shower for rinsing your dog after each swim.  There is a blaster dryer to help dry your dog but we do ask owners to bring a towel with them as not all dogs will tolerate this.