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Water Treadmill

Aquatic Treadmill

Fylde Coast Canine Hydrotherapy clients have the benefit of our state of the art Water Treadmill as part of their treatment programme. Having both a pool and water treadmill means we can better tailor our treatment programmes to meet the specific needs of each patient.

The water treadmill is especially beneficial for post operative rehabilitation for spinal and orthopaedic conditions, for patients with poor balance, dogs with certain respiratory and heart problems and water phobic dogs.

Benefits of the water treadmill include:

  • Glass panels allow the opportunity for close observation of gait from all sides.
  • Allows early rehabilitation for post-operative patients.
  • Both water height and speed can be adjusted to target specific requirements and achieve maximum benefit for each patient.
  • Hydrotherapists can be hands on to aid correct gait.

Our water treadmill is of extended length making it comfortable for giant breeds and also allowing plenty of room for our hydrotherapists to work with your dog.