Aquatic Treadmill

Fylde Coast Canine Hydrotherapy clients have the benefit of being able to use both the pool and our new water treadmill, often a combination of pool and treadmill sessions can be enormously beneficial.

Our water treadmill is the latest state of the art Neptune Tudor Treadmill.  This large extended treadmill will allow plenty of room for even the largest of breeds and allow our hydrotherapist room within the treadmill to work with your dog.  Dual entry doors and non slip ramps allow ease of entry and exit. Use of the treadmill is controlled and measurable with altering water levels making it easier to target and work specific muscle groups and encourage extension and flexion of joints.

Treadmill sessions are especially beneficial post operative for spinal and orthopaedic conditions, for patients with poor balance, dogs with respiratory and heart problems and water phobic dogs.


We are able to offer treadmill sessions alone or working alongside pool sessions to help speed up the process of building muscle mass.

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